U.P. is a young mutant formerly known as Derrick.

As a mutant, Derrick has some control over the environment around him, with his power specifically controlling ass hair. He uses the hair protruding from his anus to whip, strangle and cut enemies. He is a a proud member of the F.D.U.K. and is often considered Hano's righthand man. His regular duties involve babysitting Josh and hunting down Hano's enemies.


Sarcastic and quick tempered, U.P. much prefers the battlefield over boardmeetings. He's at his most comfortable when choking his enemies with ass hair whilst taunting them. Although conisdered an 'emo' by many he is a surprisingly positive member of the F.D.U.K. and is rarely seen questioning his own or his comrades abilities, excluding his partner Josh.

Derrick has a very unique relationship with Josh, neither hating or liking him. His duty as Josh's partner is supposedly what keeps him from killing Josh and working alone but Derrick has shown rare moments of worry and fondness towards Josh and would most likely risk his own life to save his useless comrade.

U.P. has shown a fondness for releasing his bowels in public locations.

His personality in the sequel, Dead Soldier Island X, is mostly the same except he is now more afraid of stepping foot on the island mostly because of being defeated by Statham and his army.


U.P. has long, black hair that is always swept to one side in an angular fringe. He's of average height and build, excluding his bulbous anus and hooked nose.

He is always seen either wearing black or nothing choosing nudity over coloured clothing.




  • The show was only meant to be one season long and consist of random Jason Statham adventures. This was all changed when Derrick Zoolander, the award winning Emo voice actor and voice of U.P., wanted to get a part in the show, essentially stretching the show to three seasons.
  • Bernie M. specifically made Derrick's power to be ass hair, to symbolize the typical emo hair, which objectively looks like shit.

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