A ragtag group of money-hungry mercenaries hired by Hano.


  • Hunting Jason Statham
  • Killing Hano's enemies
  • Invading foreign lands
  • Capturing resources for new energy drinks
  • Protecting the secret recipe



Boris was a slow-talking, calm and intellectual assassin who rarely felt the need to get his hands dirty. He instead used his mind as a weapon, planning 5 moves ahead of the Main Group. He must have got something wrong though because he's dead now. Although primarily a bounty hunter he also took it upon himself to warn others about bad commercial products. Often pausing during combat to reveal some wisdom on a recent purchase. These 'rants' were his way of giving back to those he took lives from. As of Dead Soldier Island X: Reborn, he has returned to the living and given up his bounty hunter ways to join as one of the leaders of the F.D.U.K as he is a huge fan of their products. He hasn't given up the rants though.

JT: Edit

JT was a silent and efficient killer. A master of stealth, he showed on numerous occasions that he was a force to be reckoned with his backstabbing and covert operations. As an intelligence expert he was regularly seen eavesdropping on the Main Group, learning of their plans. It's a shame JT was so silent, being unable to share what he'd just heard. He died in a battle against the Main Group, with his fellow bounty hunters, silently cursing Statham and his followers.


A circus bear that had been trained in every martial art ever convieved, Fezzybear got straight A's in bounty hunter school. After a long and bloody career he decided to retire to Scotland after one last job. This job would prove to indeed be his last but for an entirely different reason. Fezzybear was killed by the Main Group after being sent on a mission by Hano to deal with the Statham menace. Although Fezzy almost took many Main Group members with him, he was ultimately unnsucessful in his attempt on Statham's life. He will appear alive again in Dead Soldier Island X: Reborn.




  • The rcording of Fezzybear's lines took longer than any other characters. The live bear used for the voiceover killed three DSI employees before finally complying.
  • JT holds the record for 'Least lines said in DSI'.
  • Boristhebombastic is not actually bombastic, he is a fraud and has been contacted several times by lawyers working for the Bombast-Society of America.