Josh is another mutant working for the F.D.U.K, with his power being very rare. That power is to turn into a giant fat ball and bounce everywhere. As a scout for the F.D.U.K, he is technicaly useless but has shown to be very violent and insane during the show. He constantly hung around Derrick in Season 3, but this changed when his main man, chrismafuchris, entered the picture.


Josh is an immature kid who gets easily offended by not just Statham and his group, but also his own allies as well. He constantly whines over and over again during the show, and has shown his cowardice during most of the show's run. He isn't very smart and has the mentality of a young teen.


At 4'11, weighing 400 pounds and looking very creamy, Josh is a fat, young short arse with spiky brown hair. His head seems to be shaped like a rectangle, and he is always seen wearing a grey, plain top, similar to Derrick's black top, just much fatter.




  • Josh is currently the 2nd fattest character on the DSI show, with Negro The 4th being the ultimate fattest.
  • The 'Weh' lines are actually a result of tourette's syndrome.
  • Josh was, currently, the only member of the F.D.U.K to still be alive until Lt. Surge came into the picture.
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