Jason is the main protagonist of Dead Soldier Island.

After dropping by helicopter onto the island, Statham has seen everything. From milkable, giant negroes to people with 'superpowers'. He's lived through it all though, fighting off cults, alien armadas and evil corporations, he always comes out on top. Why?

Watch the show and find out, moite!


Statham is a caring individual who takes to new members of his group very well, even mourning the losses of people he only just met. He is not, however, a soft soul. After spending so long on Dead Soldier Island, Jason has grown a thick skin toward emotional trauma. He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to do what is right, even going so far as to give his own life.

Statham is seen by most as a hero but you would never hear him refer to himself as such.


Jason is a bald, muscle bound hunk of a man who normally wears either a black t-shirt or his birthday suit. Throughout the series his body becomes both more muscular and more mutant-like. Although Statham is not a mutant, high exposure to his mutant friends and enemies heave lead to his veins glowing a deep purple when he is distressed or in combat.




  • Jason Statham was offered a role to voice himself, but had to turn it down for other commitments.
  • The show was only meant to be one season long and consist of random Jason Statham adventures. This was all changed when Derrick Zoolander, the award winning Emo voice actor, wanted to get a part in the show, essentially stretching the show to three seasons.
  • Season 3 was meant to have 3 endings with hugely different outcomes, but this never happened because Bernie M. is a lazy cunt.
  • Since DSI: Season 1 the word 'Moite' has officially been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

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