InfectedSausage filming an advert.

InfectedSausage (commonly known as IS) was a former British gangster/rapper, going by the name SausageSizzle, and a member of the F.D.U.K. His previous life was completely different before joining Hano's private military. At a young age, he developed a relationship with an out of date sausage and commited acts of terror with it, ultimately joining a gang of youths in the process. Within the dark corners of London's dirtiest estates, this man did everything from rapping to stealing to killing in a span of 8 years, which he claims to be his proudest phase of his life. He was later recruited by Hano for the F.D.U.K for a better chance to defeat Jason Statham and his group in the Island B war. He quickly joined, with his sausage in one hand, and became one of the leading warriors of the company. His chavness inspires all.


He is a very tall, slim and weird looking male. His eyebrows stand out when he's the central focal point of some images in his appearing episodes. IS has very obvious olive skin, different to the standard white skin you see on many of the characters on the show, and his hair is comparable with camel shit. His clothing is very weird, as he is shown wearing dark armour with red lights all over.


Being brought up in the ghetto has made IS a very ruthless, sadistic beast of a man. He will kill anyone in his way and won't show a hint of remorse for his actions. He is also a fan of torturing and gets a good chuckle out of doing so, especially with strangling Statham or any other foe. Sociopathy might also have to do with his constant hate on many people he comes across. It doesn't help that no one likes his chav accent.


  • The actor playing InfectedSausage kept rapping while recording his lines. This was so that he could get the feel of the character.
  • InfectedSausage is based off of Bernie M.'s third cousin.
  • Deleted scenes showed him rapping with British hip hop gangsters like Gary from MisFits and also one that showcases a love triangle involving him, his sausage and an egg.
  • He has a hate of internet forums, due to the backlash of him doing 3rd person or going to war with someone named Genki, another character on the show.
  • His accent was so bad that Bernie M. just threw the lines into the eps anyway, even when he didn't understand a word.
  • His favourite movie ever is 'Battyboys: Inner Struggles Of A Low Wasteman'