Hano is the primary antagonist of both Seasons 2 & 3 of Dead Soldier Island.

Being the original mutant and true brains behind the F.D.U.K. Hano poses a great threat to, not only Statham's, but everyone's lives on the island. Power mad and ruthless he is willing to sacrifice anything to stop Statham and take control of the island. Hano's mutant abilities are far more advanced than those of any other mutants, showing a multitude of different powers.

Hano returns in the sequel, Dead Soldier Island X, as a secondary antagonist who's hungry for treasure containing power and stuff.


Hano is an uncaring, cold and calculative man who has shown no remorse for the mayhem and death he has brought to the island. Having a deep hatred for Statham he happily lets his men die, so long as Statham is constantly under threat. Hano is not, however, blinded by his rage. When aliens come to the island, Hano is able to temporarily put his fued with Statham to one side, to ensure the defeat of the iminent alien threat.

Hano has shown trust to few characters, those few being Undeadpriest and The Bounty Hunters, although this could have easily been a lie, with Hano happily sending them to their deaths.


Hano was originally a smartly dressed gentleman with a combed moustache, closely cut hair and a monocle. His appearance starts to change as he uses more and more of his power, becoming more mutant-looking.

At first, bright red and purple veins spread around areas of power on Hano's body, disfiguring him. Shortly after this, Hano's skin begins to slowly turn red, until his entire body is a deep blood red. After this point, there is no return, with Hano growing horns, spikes and other extremeties.




  • The climatic battle in the final episode of Dead Soldier Island was meant to be more climatic. The rumor is that Statham and Hano were to turn into giants and have a Godzilla like battle. This was scrapped because Bernie was feeling lazy at the time.
  • XeniXeni was meant to be Season 3's main villain in the 2nd half, but after the voice actor Josh Gravestone left, it was cut and Hano was back as a full villain.
  • Season 3 was meant to have 3 endings with hugely different outcomes, but this never happened because Bernie M. is a lazy cunt.

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