Some members of the F.D.U.K

The F.D.U.K is a secret organization owned by the ruthless sociopath Hano. They specialize in illegal fizzy drinks, notably Mentally Freshtarded, which are a niche in most of America and the UK. Unknown to the public, the drinks are actually made from a secret recipe in the bizzare Island B. Due to the horrific nature of the F.D.U.K's top leaders, there have been many conflicts with Statham's group, leading to their complete destruction.

Top Members & BackstoryEdit

The F.D.U.K contains a lot of ranks for their men. The lowest rank is the Minion rank, which contains over 10,000 men. These are the blue helmeted forces that are seen throughout the show. They are technically useless, with each minion only adding 0.01% damage to everyone, making them almost pointless. The middle rank is the Better Than Minion rank, which include the specific members:

  • BellaKazza
  • Sir Chimpalot
  • The Jessterman
  • InfectedSausage
  • Jestem
  • Chrismafuchris
  • Joshed7

These members have the job of protecting the recipe and each have a class of their own. It ranges from medic to general to escort services dude (it is rumoured that Josh has this job) and so on.


- So far, it's unknown if the F.D.U.K will return or if only Hano's Bounty Hunters will be the ones returning in the end.