Dead Soldier Island - Episode 11 Discoveries-0

Dead Soldier Island - Episode 11 Discoveries-0

Diamond History

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Diamond Pile

The Diamond Powers are powers created when people insert diamonds into a part of the body. They play an important role in the series...kinda.

Diamonds & Given PowersEdit

The diamonds are the reason why most of the characters shown on the show appear to be mutants with weird abilities. Most of the F.D.U.K have a power, and 90% of the Serpent Cult members have the diamond abilities too. The diamonds are unpredictable and usually give human beings the weirdest powers in town, with powers ranging from powerss like telekinesis, to powers like Asshole Hair.

Characters With Known PowersEdit

  • Boat Guy - Telekinesis
  • Curry Man - Currykinesis/Curry Fist
  • Ass Carver - Telekinesis/Sugary Ginger Creator/Teleportation
  • Gretel MK Monkey - Cat Weirdness
  • Undead Priest52 - Ass Hair
  • Bellakazza - Toiletkinesis