Dead Soldier Island: The Rise Of Wiseau (also known as Dead Soldier Island: The Rise Of Wiseau And The Return Of (insert name here)) is a cancelled romantic sci-fi horror, set to be released in Summer 2014 (or something). The film is being written, directed and produced by Bernie M. and will officially end the DSI saga. The film will mark the end of Bernie M.'s animation career, as he wants to fulfil his ambition of doing film work with the notorious network Starz. 


Actual DSI Poster

The poster.

" After discovering (insert name here) is being used as a mindless drone for Hitler and his Nazi Buddies, Statham and the gang quickly try to plan their way to get him back before he can be used to give Adolf more Serpent Cult powers. Meanwhile, a new enemy force begins to rise out of nowhere and the greatest filmmaker ever created on this Earth joins in with the Nazis. Losing hope, Statham must acquire his God powers and get help from a bizarre source if he wants to win against the Squareheads....moite."

The story is said to the most epic in DSI history, as members in the storyboard room collapsed from sheer awe at the whole storyline. John H. Lonely said this about the storyline "I have to say, it's better than The Godfather."


  • The movie will be 75-80 minutes long.
  • The F.D.U.K bounty hunters make an appearance, and Boris has not given up with his rants.
  • It is rumoured that Kurt Russell was contacted to act in the movie.
  • This movie will factually give people an epic effect, resulting in people dancing on the floor because of the epicness.
  • Tommy Wiseau's voice will inspire a generation.
  • Bernie M. made it known that the DSI Movie was cancelled. Bernie has decided to end the story instead with Dead Soldier Island X: Reborn, which stars Wiseau as a villain.