A trusty, strong member of the Serpent Cult, Curry Man (also known as The Man With A Cup Of Curry or, in DSIZ, The Man With A Fistful Of Curry) is an 1800s style Wild West outlaw who uses many Western firearms such as old colts and shotguns. Being a native to the island, he has seen many messed up creatures on there and has always tried his best to capture the bewildering beasts, mostly as sacrifices for his Serpent God. His past, like many other characters, is a mystery but it is assumed that he was just a random person who found a diamond and inserted it up his ass, giving him the Curry powers. This has yet to be confirmed.


An ally and a friend, Curry Man has always been caring for his comrades as they go through their adventures. He has shown loyalty to those who stick by him and will never run away when a friend is in danger. Curry Man has also shown his cockyness during the show's run, usually before he kills someone with his trusty curry.


Curry Man is an olive skinned, average built man who is always seen with a stetson hat. His height was fairly tall in Dead Soldier Island, being inbetween 6'0 and 6'1 but he has grown into 6'5 as of Dead Soldier Island Z, possibly due to being related to Chuck Conners. His clothing has become different over the show, but it's clear that all his clothes resemble the classic outlaws of the West. He has grown a grey beard in DSIZ too.




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